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Counting down the days til'
I can claim what I am owed
A life long nightmare from
Which I'll soon have awoke
Towers and stars they beckon me but
(RIGHT NOW!) They're out of reach and out of vision
The yearning grows stronger every day
For a place beyond, a million miles away...

Where conformity is dead!
Where i say fuck the plan!
Where I can be reborn!
The old life ripped and torn!

Finish line keeps getting nearer
Ask myself what I have learned
My choices aren't getting any clearer
All that school, what knowledge have I earned?
Take a look at everything around me
It's so dead and dry, alone, and empty
There's little here to ever feed my hunger
I can't go on, I'll collapse before I starve...

But I can shed my shell
Leave my chains in hell
And I can set ablaze
All the baggage gained

They tell me, I got a one in a million
Should be chasin' six figures and makin a killin'
Would you risk bein' homeless, hungry and broke
To play six strings (Must be some kinda joke!)

I've got to escape this murderous cycle
Can't grow old where I wished away my youth
But if I die young on a city street
Won't be a dying man with a forgotten dream

For all I've won and all I've gained
I would have thought I'd had it made
They've yet to award security
Relieve the pressure's killing me
Anxiety builds day by day
For my decision, what will I pay?
You make it seem so simple to
Achieve what I'm told I cannot do

No time for to think twice
Ignore so called "advice"
My dream can be my guide
And that which beats inside

So let me out my cage
All my time I've paid
It's time to drop the weight
The calling is my fate

And I've kissed up, and licked their shoes
Played their games and all by the rules
Mommy and Daddy I've done none but please
Done my homework, stayed off the streets

But now it's my turn to take the throttle
It's time to release my mother's bottle
The world in my fingers now I've come of age
Rather see it crumble than never see it change


from Corporal Enterprise, released October 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Death Is a Business New York, Missouri

Death Is a Business is a heavy metal band with an identity crisis. Based in New York City, Death Is a Business brings you a heavy metal jambalaya seasoned with punk, folk, blues, and good ol' rock n' roll. There is something for metalheads, stoners, punks, rednecks, your grandmother, rich snobs, poor SOBs, and everyone in between. Thank you for listening! ... more

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