We're Only Human

from by Death Is a Business

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Burning in the streets it doesn't matter who's to blame
Tomorrow it repeats again, the cycle is the same
You hang them from their necks and you put bullets in their heart
You throw the punch you throw the stone, it's murder from the start

So lock your doors and run and hide, escape the animal inside,

And after all we're only human
It's our own selves we'll drive to ruin
You can't deny the beast within
The one that lurks under our skin

If you look into a mirror,
Have you no fear
If you find your hands are stained,
Don't be ashamed
You must admit the best of us
When fortunes we lose
Will tear like meat the rest of us
Though maintain this ruse

We shake our heads and disapprove, do none but criticize
But after all the rules are gone, we'll tear out our own eyes
Will you reach out to save a freak that's bleeding from the head
Or keep on walking just to keep each drop of your's instead

You say that "some folks got no morals" but what have you done for your part?


Where have we gone in all a thousand years?
We made the toys that became the blades
Will we ever learn, not to live in fear?
Or stay in the mud till we all decay
I believe in the light that shines in the darkness of the heart of man
When in the street, the stranger you meet
A human soul escaped the devil's heat

You make the strike that shatters flesh
You deal the blow that cracks her skull
You gamble all your codes away; embrace the monster in your soul
Madness in the papers also festers in your mind
Your only hope's that ignorance will keep you ever blind

Exploit and lie and burn and kill, comfort in your fantasy



from Corporal Enterprise, released October 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Death Is a Business New York, Missouri

Death Is a Business is a heavy metal band with an identity crisis. Based in New York City, Death Is a Business brings you a heavy metal jambalaya seasoned with punk, folk, blues, and good ol' rock n' roll. There is something for metalheads, stoners, punks, rednecks, your grandmother, rich snobs, poor SOBs, and everyone in between. Thank you for listening! ... more

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