Corporal Enterprise

by Death Is a Business

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released October 11, 2013

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Levi Parkas
Featuring the drumming talents of Justin Arenas
"The Great Dictator" is the property of United Artists Corporation



all rights reserved


Death Is a Business New York, Missouri

Death Is a Business is a heavy metal band with an identity crisis. Based in New York City, Death Is a Business brings you a heavy metal jambalaya seasoned with punk, folk, blues, and good ol' rock n' roll. There is something for metalheads, stoners, punks, rednecks, your grandmother, rich snobs, poor SOBs, and everyone in between. Thank you for listening! ... more

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Track Name: Truth of Lies
Who ever thought that this could happen to me
I always thought I could stand upon my two feet
Faster I ran, the faster I would get beat
He won the bread but he left me out on the street

I am sinking underground
No escape route can be found

Thrust into the river's current
There is no way I'll ignore it
Swept the floor, locked the door, now I can leave
When you see me go, don't waste breath on false grief

Memories of my lifetime
In a rush they flood my mind
Sight restored when I was blind
Reality has arrived

My world flipped upside down
Whispered screams make no sound


When will old wounds be healed?
A darker fate looks as though it's sealed
Can you face that which is real?
Put into words what we all feel?

Truth of lies have finally caught up with me
Past the blank stare now I can see
Curtains come crashing down to the ground in a heap
Hold no grudges, forgive and accepting his plea.

I am sinking underground
Whispered screams make no sound

Track Name: A New Life
Counting down the days til'
I can claim what I am owed
A life long nightmare from
Which I'll soon have awoke
Towers and stars they beckon me but
(RIGHT NOW!) They're out of reach and out of vision
The yearning grows stronger every day
For a place beyond, a million miles away...

Where conformity is dead!
Where i say fuck the plan!
Where I can be reborn!
The old life ripped and torn!

Finish line keeps getting nearer
Ask myself what I have learned
My choices aren't getting any clearer
All that school, what knowledge have I earned?
Take a look at everything around me
It's so dead and dry, alone, and empty
There's little here to ever feed my hunger
I can't go on, I'll collapse before I starve...

But I can shed my shell
Leave my chains in hell
And I can set ablaze
All the baggage gained

They tell me, I got a one in a million
Should be chasin' six figures and makin a killin'
Would you risk bein' homeless, hungry and broke
To play six strings (Must be some kinda joke!)

I've got to escape this murderous cycle
Can't grow old where I wished away my youth
But if I die young on a city street
Won't be a dying man with a forgotten dream

For all I've won and all I've gained
I would have thought I'd had it made
They've yet to award security
Relieve the pressure's killing me
Anxiety builds day by day
For my decision, what will I pay?
You make it seem so simple to
Achieve what I'm told I cannot do

No time for to think twice
Ignore so called "advice"
My dream can be my guide
And that which beats inside

So let me out my cage
All my time I've paid
It's time to drop the weight
The calling is my fate

And I've kissed up, and licked their shoes
Played their games and all by the rules
Mommy and Daddy I've done none but please
Done my homework, stayed off the streets

But now it's my turn to take the throttle
It's time to release my mother's bottle
The world in my fingers now I've come of age
Rather see it crumble than never see it change
Track Name: We're Only Human
Burning in the streets it doesn't matter who's to blame
Tomorrow it repeats again, the cycle is the same
You hang them from their necks and you put bullets in their heart
You throw the punch you throw the stone, it's murder from the start

So lock your doors and run and hide, escape the animal inside,

And after all we're only human
It's our own selves we'll drive to ruin
You can't deny the beast within
The one that lurks under our skin

If you look into a mirror,
Have you no fear
If you find your hands are stained,
Don't be ashamed
You must admit the best of us
When fortunes we lose
Will tear like meat the rest of us
Though maintain this ruse

We shake our heads and disapprove, do none but criticize
But after all the rules are gone, we'll tear out our own eyes
Will you reach out to save a freak that's bleeding from the head
Or keep on walking just to keep each drop of your's instead

You say that "some folks got no morals" but what have you done for your part?


Where have we gone in all a thousand years?
We made the toys that became the blades
Will we ever learn, not to live in fear?
Or stay in the mud till we all decay
I believe in the light that shines in the darkness of the heart of man
When in the street, the stranger you meet
A human soul escaped the devil's heat

You make the strike that shatters flesh
You deal the blow that cracks her skull
You gamble all your codes away; embrace the monster in your soul
Madness in the papers also festers in your mind
Your only hope's that ignorance will keep you ever blind

Exploit and lie and burn and kill, comfort in your fantasy

Track Name: Rewind This Day
Keep suckin' in but it won't get better than this
There's nothing you could do to get any out of it
Don't kid yourself if you know it ain't gonna work
Your mind is immobile but you wish it would go berzerk

Keep on trying, you're not getting any higher
Even from short heights it's a terrible fall
Trapped inside my own head with this misery
Can't escape til I force myself asleep

Can, I, Make it go away?
Can, I, Just rewind this day?

An awful night I spent alone in that house
I wanted to cry but instead sat silent as a mouse
I lost my best friend in space couldn't get him back
He left me far behind as he wandered off track

Trapped in time and imprisoned in my body
None to do but reflect and regret
No good feelings, good thoughts, good senses,
Just a deathly, suffocating depression

I, can't, see behind this wall
I, Want, to beat and scream and bawl

The worst part of all is waking up
With all those feelings heavy in my gut
There's tears that weren't shed the night before
Filling up til my eyes can start to pour
It claws my insides, and feeds off of my shame
Cut this monster out me, no more pain!
Misery, in time, will dull and fade
Regret and boredom grow stronger each new day

Assurances and fantasies
A map to lose me in a dream
But what you see ain't what you get
I'm searching still, I ain't found it yet

I used to be more vigilant
I used to be more hesitant
When did I become such a sheep?
And follow when I used to lead?

Don't want, to gamble my time, all for a hopeless search
Won't be a zombie deluding itself it's in control
(Wanna) Be able to say no, wanna, choose when it's time to smoke
Am I having a good time, or is, this just an empty joke?

It's not too late, to give it up, surrender rather than give in

(But I) Want to relive memories, even, though my attempts in vain
(Wanna) Chase all the thrills that I missed out on all along the way
(Gotta) Be able to discern, boredom, from stimulation
(And) Distinguish if this is depression or elation

It's not too late, to give it up, surrender rather than give in

Make it special, you really gotta make it last
It's true I've lost the standards of my past
But discipline I know like no one else
I still remember just how to enjoy myself

Don't need nothing to obscure the world
But I can choose to blur my mind
I might not be an abstinent
But good God I'm not addicted

Can, these, words, just hold true
Do they, sound, convincing, to you
Am I, buying, into, my lie
We, can, only tell with time